Who We Are

All young adults matter and housing should be a human right.



Since 1978, New Horizons and our community have chosen to see unhoused young adults as some of our community’s most cherished assetsfull of beauty, worth, and dignity. After a Greek Orthodox priest named Father Don noticed how many unmet needs unhoused young people were facing during outreach, he teamed up with churches and the downtown community to create New Horizons and provide for the most pressing and basic needs.  

From Capitol Hill to Belltown, New Horizons has operated centers designed to be a central access point for any young person looking for support. For more than 40 years this community has grown and adapted to more effectively fulfill its mission by offering wraparound services and becoming a leader in helping unhoused young people find stable housing. As a Christian Ecumenical organization, we are driven by a deep commitment to seeing the worth and value of every young person.

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Why We Exist

No community should ever grow comfortable with its most vulnerable young people living unhoused. New Horizons has chosen to exist at the intersection of failed systems and housing instability to ensure that all young people, regardless of who they are, have a safe place to find connection, support, relationship, and housing stability. 



Our mission is to end homelessness, one young person at a time.

Intended Impact

Every night a young adult is unhoused is one too many. We believe there is a housing solution for every young adult. 

New Horizons is uniquely positioned and skilled at ensuring that youth homelessness is rare, brief, and one time. 50% of young adults who exit to housing from New Horizons do so within 100 days. 




Give today to make your impact on the lives of unhoused young people and help us end homelessness, one young person at a time.

On the Rocks!



Join the millions of people giving back today by giving to unhoused young people in your community.

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