Operation: Light The Way is our call for 300+ supporters to rise up as Pillars of Sustainability.

We would love for you to become a Pillar for New Horizons. Through a dedicated monthly gift, help New Horizons continue to provide life-saving shelter, meals, access to essential hygiene, and supportive staffing as our community and nation weathers this life-threatening epidemic. The ancient clarion call “for such a time as this,” comes at a time of peril and invites us to stand in the gap for those who are more vulnerable than ourselves.

Our 42nd Anniversary event in April was dedicated to raising $275K in critical operating funds for this spring. $75,000 of that total has already been raised through support from Ambassadors like Ben & Jen Ross Family, Heartspring Foundation, Janet & Doug Moore, the Hong-Ruh household, board member Dean Kato and the Kato Family, and other Ambassadors who preferred to remain anonymous.

To raise the difference, and meet our operating needs, Operation: Light The Way is calling for 100 donors to rise up as our Pillars of Sustainability with a monthly gift of $84/month or a one-time gift of $1000 or more. We are also calling for 200 donors to commit to $42/month or a one-time $500 gift. We need your help.

Operation: Light The Way invites you to rise in faith to face down fear,

hold up a light so the youth we partner with know

that even in presence of COVID-19, they have a place that welcomes them.

This is a time when our nation is wondering who can help us? How can we help? How can we make a difference that counts? New Horizons invites you to make a difference with us. Becoming Light takes a community. Help New Horizons keep our shelters open: now more than ever, everyone deserves a place to get clean, eat a meal, and be able rest safely for the night.

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