Founded in 1978, New Horizons partners with youth experiencing homelessness on their journey toward stable housing and independence.

Our Story

Founded by a Greek Orthodox priest known as Father Don, New Horizons began in downtown Seattle outside of a small donut shop.

While doing street outreach to homeless adults through Bread of Life Mission in Pioneer Square, Father Don noticed that youth would gather outside a donut shop near Pike Place Market.

He began to spend time with the young people over coffee and donuts, soon learning that homeless youth avoided most existing shelters and service providers in favor of staying on the streets, despite the many dangers and risks involved in a life lived underneath highway overpasses and in dark alleyways. Past abuse by adults at home or on the streets had frightened many youth away from adult homeless services.

These conversations helped Father Don see the great need for youth-specific services for the homeless and unstably housed population, and so began New Horizons Ministries.

After growing steadily over the years and moving locations from downtown to Capitol Hill, New Horizons has been in Belltown since 1998, where we now serve Seattle’s homeless youth at our Drop-In Center each day.


We work to end youth homelessness in Seattle and King County.


We offer services and programs designed to help youth transition out of street life.


We connect volunteers and service providers in our community to youth in need.

Every night in Seattle, thousands of people are forced to sleep on the streets. Youth account for a significant portion of these numbers and present a unique opportunity to intervene before homelessness becomes chronic, allowing the young people we serve to live full, hope-filled lives.

Our priority is singular: meet youth where they are. Homelessness presents a multitude of challenges that must be addressed before youth can begin to apply for jobs or housing. We start with the basics – food, shelter, clothes, a hot shower – and let youth walk their own pace toward higher level resources like job training, case management, and permanent housing.

Our volunteers and donors are the hands and feet of our work. Donors enable us continually provide the highest level of services to young people as they transition out of homelessness, while volunteers help us serve and build relationships that make a lasting impact in the lives of youth experiencing homelessness.

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