A Year of More | The 2017 Annual Report

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We try to say it often, but still it bears repeating:

Your support makes it possible for homeless youth to find the stability and support they need to exit street life.

The past year has been no exception. Since we last released an Annual Report, New Horizons has grown, shifted, and adapted to the needs of youth on King County’s streets.

We’ve sought to listen to young people’s feedback and to hire clinically trained staff who are able to offer the most culturally responsive services possible, all in order to best meet the needs of the young people we’re privileged to know and serve.

And because of your support, this year has been a year of good news & growth, of change and chances to succeed. But there’s one word that comes to mind more than others when we think about the story of the past year:

The story of the last year at New Horizons has been more.

With your help, youth living on Seattle’s streets have been increasingly empowered through more resources, more relationships, more job training, and more housing, and none of it would be possible without our faithful community of supporters like you. Just look at these highlights:

This year’s Annual Report demonstrates the power of your impact to make a real difference in real youth’s lives.

As you’ve partnered with us to offer more of the resources & relationships that empower youth to fulfill their potential, we’ve been overjoyed to see them flourishing as they’ve received safe, stable places to live, more opportunities to work and contribute their skills to our community, and consistent love and support that dignifies their humanity and God-given worth.

Use the button below to read this year’s full report of all you’ve partnered with us to offer this year, and thank you for making it possible for youth to have more of what they need.

What’s Inside the Annual Report

  • an important announcement from Executive Director Mary Steele
  • how you’ve played a role in Jesse’s story
  • details on how you’ve given youth more access to life-saving resources this year
  • the vital role Adam has taken on as a weekly youth church attendee
  • photos of youth who have been empowered into sustainable futures
  • how we steward financial gifts

…and more!

New HorizonsA Year of More | The 2017 Annual Report

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