Meet the Summer 2017 YEP Apprentice Cohort

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A lot has been going on around the office over the summer: we’ve got a new set of apprentices, some new apprenticeship partners, and a brand-new staff position to manage our growing job training apprenticeship program.

To handle a wonderful “problem” – a successful, burgeoning job training program – we created a new position designed specifically to give our apprentices the best possible experience during their six-month job placements. Alicia, formerly our Administrative Coordinator, stepped into her new role as the Youth Employment Coordinator in July and has been busy fine-tuning our apprenticeship program until it’s a well-oiled machine. She’s there to help apprentices navigate their schedules, answer their questions, and offer support to each individual as they need it.

Our job training program seeks to give youth both practical skills and soft skills that make good employees great. In addition to learning new skills for the job market, apprentices earn a stipend for their work and attend weekly Leadership Institute classes at New Horizons, where they receive life skills training – like financial literacy and budgeting practices from local banking professionals, conflict resolution techniques, resume & cover letter workshops with Seattle Public Library, and more.

With all the adjustments to better our apprenticeship program, we decided to make one more change. What was formerly known as the EXALT Apprenticeship Program is now the Youth Employment Program, affectionately known as YEP.

Not only do we love the enthusiasm of the acronym, we’re also proud to be able to say, “Yep! You’re in!” to the individuals who apply for and receive job training apprenticeships through our program. Help us welcome the Summer 2017 Cohort and wish them well!

Aaron Johnson – Facilities Apprentice

Aaron has been consistently early to every shift! He gets right to work without much need for direction, and gets our space looking neat n’ tidy. We’re lucky to have Aaron on board.

Fun fact: Aaron’s favorite artist is Gucci Mane.

Kara Harper – Kitchen Apprentice

Kara splits her time between New Horizon’s kitchen under the guidance of Volunteer Coordinator Isabella and working at Nuflours Bakery, a gluten-free bakery in Capitol Hill, where she helps with food prep, learns the tricks of the gluten-free baking trade, and works in customer service.

Fun fact: Kara is an extremely talented poet.

Zak Oehrke – Administrative Apprentice

Zak is the first to hold the brand-new position of Administrative Apprentice. For 10 hours each week, he learns the ins-and-outs of airplane manufacturing at the Tukwila-based Rainier Rubber, where he hopes to continue working after completing his apprenticeship.

Fun fact: Zak served in the U.S. Army!

Michael Diop – Street Bean Barista Apprentice

Michael has been consistent and hard-working during his first few weeks at Street Bean. His friendly demeanor makes him a big hit with customers! He also a resident of the Nest.

Fun fact: Michael is a master at karaoke.

Riley Clerget – Street Bean Barista Apprentice

Nest resident Riley is hardworking and eager to learn. Not only does she have two jobs, she’s also looking forward to attending college this fall.

Fun fact: Riley’s favorite movie is Ratatouille.

Adam Livesay – Street Bean Roaster Apprentice

As an avid coffee lover, Adam has been a great fit for the roasting apprenticeship where he gets to learn the art of coffee roasting and the technical side of making Street Bean’s coffee so delicious. (P.S. – You can now buy bags of Apprentice Roast signed by Adam at Street Bean Belltown!)

Fun fact: His favorite food is pancakes and his favorite music is AC/DC.

We are so excited to have Alicia and these seven talented young people working with us for the next few months. Join us in wishing them well and don’t forget to stop by Street Bean & Nuflours the next time you need some caffeine and a sweet treat!

New HorizonsMeet the Summer 2017 YEP Apprentice Cohort

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