More Youth on the Streets Makes Your Partnership Mean More than Ever

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We had some shocking news this month.

Thanks to new & improved methods to gather data, including the employment of current or recently homeless individuals, this year’s Count Us In survey, a county-wide tally of homeless or unstably housed persons, produced far different results than previous years.

What we learned is that there are far more youth spending their time on the streets than we previously thought.

There are almost 1,500 homeless people under the age of 25, and 1,142 of them have nowhere to go but the streets. This number is almost double the number counted in past years. In fact, more than 20% of those sleeping outside in King County today are 24 or younger.

Although the need is great, you make a difference. Every day, you continue to offer least 34 of those youth the opportunity to escape the streets.

In the last two years, your partnership has created space for New Horizons to offer overnight shelter to youth with nowhere else to go, both in The Nest and in the Young Adult Emergency Shelter.

Since you’ve helped create these opportunities for youth, over 300 different young people have found refuge in The Nest and in the Emergency Shelter. But these youth have found much more than sleep. They’ve also received support and friendship from staff, a place to store their things regularly, and for many of them, a path to more stable housing. Your support has paved a pathway that more than 60 youth have traveled, moving from the downstairs shelter to The Nest to their own housing in just a few months.

Knowing that so many youth are stranded on the streets, your partnership means more than ever.

As we approach the end of our fiscal year on June 30th, we need to ensure we can continue to offer a place of refuge, relationship, and rest for the many youth seeking to exit the streets.

Though we can’t offer shelter to every single young person without a home, we can continue being good stewards of the 34 beds we currently have as we look toward opportunities to offer more in the future.

One way you can help us is by becoming part of the Home Team: the team youth can count on for a home. These are the dedicated folks who give $1 a day to help guarantee youth have a place to sleep at New Horizons. By giving $30 monthly, you make it possible for youth to sleep soundly off the streets and support them on their journey off the streets.

By signing up for the Home Team before June 30th, you’ll help us better prepare for the next fiscal year by allowing us to budget more efficiently, which helps us use your gifts in the most effective way possible for youth who come to New Horizons for refuge off the streets.

Thank you for your compassion in the face of our community’s need. Though the numbers from this year’s Count Us In survey may be discouraging, your partnership gives us hope that these homeless kids on our streets will not be forgotten or overlooked, but taken in and given the chance at a full, happy life.

With gratitude,

Mary Steele, Executive Director

P.S. If you don’t want to make a monthly gift, any gift will make a difference. $30 covers one guest’s stay in The Nest for a night, while $360 covers all twelve guests’ needs for a night. $500 covers the monthly cost for showers for guests in both shelters, and $800 pays the monthly food bill.

Thank you for partnering with us to be a place of refuge for youth on our streets!



New HorizonsMore Youth on the Streets Makes Your Partnership Mean More than Ever

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