We’re passionate about what we do.

Our staff have unique strengths, education, and experiences that combine to serve Seattle’s homeless youth with as much compassion and expertise as possible.

Our Directors

Direct Service Staff

Development Team

Our Board Members

Our Mascots

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The Directors

Otherwise known as the fearless leaders, these two ladies steer the ship and keep the New Horizons crew safe and sane.

has climbed Denali and five other 6,000m peaks in the Andes and Himalayas

Mary Steele, J.D.

Executive Director

Lisa Hanscom, M.S.

Associate Director

The Direct Service Team

Otherwise known as the Magic Makers, these are the skilled, passionate people who design, implement and maintain our services for young people.

Lindsey Thrower

Housing Director

Joseph Seia

Program Director

Angie Merrill, MSW

Clinical Director

Isabella Moliterno

Volunteer Manager

Brian Garrison

Case Manager

Stephanie Miller

Case Manager

Yordanos Gebreamlak, MSW

YAES Manager

Paige Dorsey

Drop-In Coordinator

Alex Buck

Youth Chaplain

Kim van der Giessen

Day Program Coordinator

Luke Cruise

Facilities Manager

The Development Team

Otherwise known as the Office Masterminds, these people keep the office running and attend to all things budgeting, communication, and administration.

Mark Reynoso, M.Div.

Development Officer

Meredith Hastings

Marketing Coordinator

Steve McFadden

Finance Manager

David Jaeger, M.Div.

Office Manager

Alicia Raymond

Administrative Assistant

Our Board of Directors

Nate Van Duzer


City Council Legislative Aide, City of Seattle

Heidi Kenoyer


Human Resource Business Partner, Amazon.com

Peg Achterman

Secretary & Recruitment

Professor of Communication & Journalism, Seattle Pacific University

Aileen Tsao

New Directions Committee

Attorney, King County Dept. of Public Defense

Janet Moore


Community Advocate

Dean Kato


Consultant, One Accord Partners

Ferenc Feher

Finance Committee

Firefighter, Seattle Fire Department

Matthew Garcia

Finance Committee

Audit Staff, Finney Neill and Company

Kim McCaulou


Deputy Director, LifeWire

Jen Ross


Community Advocate

Raedene Copeland


Associate Professor, Seattle Pacific University

Paul LaRose

Director of Emergency Shelters

Senior Director of Specialized Ministries, Seattle’s Union Gospel Mission

Tamara Long


Assistant Director of Admissions, Seattle University

Thomas O’Ban


Deputy Prosecuting Attorney, King County Prosecuting Attorney’s Office

Maria Gross, Ed.D


Director of Teacher Certificate Programs, City University

Our Mascots

The glue that holds us all together.

Ginger Merrill Laird

Restorer of Calm

Milkshake “Milky” Dorsey

Sass Coordinator

Bentley Reynoso

Tennis Ball Manager

Because we are a faith-based organization, we require that all job applicants sign our Statement of Faith; however, only paid staff are required to sign this statement. We never refuse services to anyone based on religion, sexual orientation, gender identity, race, or ethnicity, and we neither proselytize nor require anything (confession of a particular faith, listening to a sermon, etc.) of a young person before, during, or after providing services.

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