We offer services to facilitate youth’s transition off the streets.

From a hot meal and shower to case management and job training, we meet youth where they are to reconnect them to their God-given potential and empower them into success.

  • This is the cleanest shelter, and I feel like I'm able to get more space here. We're not all piled on top of each other like we are at some other shelters.

Because homeless youth often arrive distraught, disconnected, or disillusioned, we seek to be a safe place where they will be accepted for who they are. Inspired by the love of Jesus, we offer our services and love to any and everyone who comes to us in need of assistance, because each person deserves to be loved, seen, known, and respected.

Reach Out, Invite In

Staff and volunteers go out to the streets to build relationships and invite young people to take advantage of our services.

Meet Basic Needs

Five days a week, youth can access basic services like a clothes & supply closet, showers, laundry, and shelter sign-up.

Empower Into Success

Youth dream big about their futures in relationships with our case managers, by participating in our day programs, or through job training.

Our Services


Teams of staff and volunteers seek out homeless youth around the city to let them know about our services and programs.


Volunteer food groups prepare a full breakfast five days a week – anything from eggs benedict to sausage casserole to a pancake bar.

Day Programs

Day programs offer youth the opportunity to discover interests or talents, like hiking, writing, learning new skills, and playing music.

Evening Drop-In

These two hours give youth access to services like a meal, showers, laundry, clothing, and sign-ups for case management & shelter.

Young Adult Emergency Shelter

Opened February 2016 in a partnership with Seattle’s Union Gospel Mission, 22 beds provide a safe place to rest for homeless youth five nights a week.

The Nest Transitional Shelter

Since July 2015, The Nest transitional shelter has provided a space for 12 youth to temporarily reside while they search for permanent housing.

Case Management

Case managers assist with housing placements, employment applications, government documents, and other barriers to exiting the streets.

EXALT Apprenticeships

These jobs provide youth a safe opportunity to earn a stipend, a hard skill, and soft skills for long-term employment like conflict resolution, responsibility, and communication.

Street Bean Coffee

Since 2009 Street Bean has employed our apprentices, where they receive professional barista training in addition to the basics of roasting and shop operation.

Read about Street Bean’s mission at streetbean.org.

You play an important role in the lives of our clients as a volunteer or service provider.

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