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What You Need to Know about the 2017 Count Us In Report

For several years, Count Us In, King County’s one-night count of homeless and unstably housed individuals, returned the same numbers: there were somewhere around 800-850 youth on the streets in King County, with at least 200-300 of them spending each night in alleyways, under bridges, in cars, or in tents. Curiously, as we and other

Nuflours, New Horizons, and a New Apprenticeship Opportunity

“Elbow five, Grace!” Gloved hands in the air, covered in icing and crumbles from the hazelnut brownies they’d just finishing cutting, Grace and Phebe smiled widely as they jokingly tapped elbows like hands in a high-five. This kind of goofy exchange and bright-eyed encouragement is common at Nuflours Gluten-Free Bakery; that’s part of what makes

Youth homelessness is a growing problem in Seattle.

More Youth on the Streets Makes Your Partnership Mean More than Ever

Friends, We had some shocking news this month. Thanks to new & improved methods to gather data, including the employment of current or recently homeless individuals, this year’s Count Us In survey, a county-wide tally of homeless or unstably housed persons, produced far different results than previous years. What we learned is that there are


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